What Do I Need To Do at Check Out?

Please take care of the following items BEFORE you
check out. Remember, check out time is
10:00 am. If
any of these items have not been completed, you may be subject to loss of all or part of your deposit.

Deflate the air mattress, fold it up, place it in the bag and
return to the bedroom closet if it was used.
Remove all trash from the unit and place in proper condo
Remove all food items from kitchen - check cupboards
and refrigerator.
Remove all items from washer and dryer.
Leave ALL kitchenware clean and returned to proper
Leave floors swept of debris.
Place all dirty towels, hand towels and bath clothes in a
Close and lock the glass door.
Leave air conditioning set on 73 degrees in the summer or
heat set on 68 degrees in the winter.
Check under beds, on balcony, in closets, and behind
doors for any personal items.
Leave both sets of keys and sharpie in the basket on top
of the refrigerator.
Lock the door as you leave.