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Caribbean, Unit 801 Pet Policy

Guests having pets on the premises of Caribbean I will abide by the following:

1. Dogs are permitted on the premises. Other pets/animals are prohibited.
2. Dogs over 35 lb. are prohibited.
3. NO CATS ALLOWED. We are very allergic.
4. Dogs may not be left on the balcony unattended. Dogs may not be given access to the balcony unattended. If pets are left in a unit unattended, the glass door must be closed so pets are not allowed access to the balcony. This will prevent dogs from barking outside and disturbing other guests.
5. Pets must be kept quiet at all times. If a complaint is received about a pet causing noise, the owner of the pet will be given a warning to control the pet. If another complaint is received after this warning, the guest will be required to remove the pet from the premises.
6. Guests are required to clean up any pet waste and dispose of properly.
7. Dogs must be l
eashed and controlled at all times when outside the condo unit. This is for the protection of the dog as well as the safety and comfort of others. Remember - not everyone is a “dog person.”
8. No dogs in the pools.
9. If any complaint is received about a pet, the management agency has the right to ask that the animal be removed from the premises.
10. If the animal soils anything in the unit, the guest is required to clean the area thoroughly. We ask that you leave a note for the cleaning company as to the nature and location of the soiling so they may inspect and clean the area again.

It is our goal to maintain the unit in such a manner that no guests would ever suspect an animal had been in the unit.